Improving Anycast with "Operation Amplify"


The time has come, we are launching "Operation Amplify". During this operation, we will be launching new PoPs (Point of Presences) around to globe to improve our own anycast network. As you may know, the past year we have worked hard developing our in-house global anycast network and finally, we will be improving it this year. We will be expanding in every continent up to 10 locations in total for massively improved coverage and latency.

Earlier this year we partnered up with a Corero® protected transit provider in order to protect our vital core network. Logically, this will be our starting point in Amsterdam (NL) together with a redundant transit provider, on top of that we enabled a PoP in Frankfurt with a completely different DDoS-protection appliance for the ultimate protection-redundancy.

What is Anycast?

Anycast is a network addressing and routing methodology in which a single destination IP address has multiple routing paths to two or more endpoint destinations. Routers will select the desired path on the basis of a number of hops, distance, lowest cost, latency measurements, or based on the least congested route. Anycast networks are widely used for DNS and CDN products to bring their content closer to the end-user and is an integral part of Hybula's Pyramid product. Read more about Pyramid on our website here.


In order to roll out our expansion without performance impact or unexpected issues, we will gradually enable our PoPs during Q3 this year. We strive to follow this planning:

Date Region
05-07-2021 Europe
19-07-2021 North America
02-08-2021 North America
16-08-2021 North America
30-08-2021 South America
06-09-2021 Oceania
13-09-2021 Asia
27-09-2021 Asia

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