and security by design

Security-focused cloud provider backed by EU-legislation and high quality standards from the Netherlands


Our secure services

In-house developed cloud solutions backed by a team of professional enthousiasts. Privacy friendly and secure-by-design.

Sector Cloud

High performing and non-oversold cloud servers for projects that require stability and performance, powered by our premium hardware and network.

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Metal Servers

Customizable dedicated Bare-Metal servers for your enterprise and power hungry projects, backed by our network with premium blended transits.

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Pyramid DNS

State-of-the-art managed DNS service. Providing a high level of availability, load balancing, Geosteering and more. Powered by our own anycast network and secured by our DDoS-filtering partners.

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Capsule WAF

Cloud based L7 Web Application Firewall and Corero® network DDoS-protection. First line defense against malicious activity while supercharging your project with the latest technologies.

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Enterprise Cloud Platform

We are a team of security enthusiasts developing a feature-rich and state-of-the-art cloud platform for professionals and enterprises. With our platform you are able to boost your project to a higher level of quality and security without spending capital.

Support by cloud engineers from the Netherlands, advising you from A to Z. No outsourcing, no level 1/2/3 support, just talk to the engineers directly.

Security Platform

The European Front

We respect your privacy and together with you as our customer we will do our best to protect you and your assets.

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Fully GDPR compliant
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Data Processing Agreement (DPA) available
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Data Protection Officer (DPO) on site
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ISO/NEN/PCI-DSS/ISAE certified datacenters
European Union

Secure Global Network

Our platform is backed by our global anycast backbone with multiple edges in all major continents. This ensures unmatched high availability and substantial network capacity.

Our sophisticated anti-DDoS mechanisms ensures that malicious traffic is routed through our DDoS scrubbing and filtering edges.

Global Network

Our fine features

Let us introduce our most important features. These are the fundamentals of our organization and every day we do our best to improve them.
Owned and self-
maintained network

We've built our own global network from zero. Currently with more than 10 points-of-presences around the globe.

Secure-by design

Security is our top priority. With every step we take and everything we do, security comes first.

European Union

Hybula is based in the Netherlands, where the European Union is founded with their respected rules.


We do not hesitate implementing and developing the latest technologies. The sooner, the better.

Privately held

We are completely privately owned, and not owned by greedy investors or venture capitalists.

Developer and API

Our platform is fully API-driven, meaning that you are able to manage every bits your product.

Uptime realised throughout our global network this year.
Network endpoint edges around the globe.
Active IX connections around the globe.

Our blog posts

Get in sync with us through our blog posts. Written by our engineers.

Our global network

We operate and manage our own global anycast network. This ensures optimized world wide latency and availability. We currently operate more than 10 edges around the world.

Frequently asked questions

We have listed some of the most asked questions here.
Still got questions? Let us know!
First of all, we are doing our best not to be like other companies in our branche. We are a team of enthusiast that truly love the game. Our customers are not numbers, they are people, just like us. Hybula B.V. is completely privately owned, so no shareholders, investors or venture capitalists. We do not have an orthodox corporate structure, we are all engineers and we do development, system administration, network management, and even sales! This allows our customers to directly talk about their issues.

We are humans, just like you!
While we would love to offer our services for free, this is simply not possible. In order for us to manage a healthy company, we must charge for our services. There are companies that offer free services, however we do not believe that this is truly free. Remember this rule of thumb: "If you're not paying for the product, you are the product".
We offer a wide variety of payment options, there is always a way to pay for our coffee! We currently accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Creditcard, iDeal, SEPA Incasso, SEPA Bank Transfer, Paysafecard, SOFORT Banking, Belfius, Bancontact.
Yes. We currently do not have all our services listed on our website. We offer custom solutions to all kinds of customers. Contact us to get started.
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