Supporting the AlmaLinux project


We are happy to announce that we are one of the first parties that support the new AlmaLinux project. We have set up the first mirror for the AlmaLinux project. This project is very important for the hosting industry after the fall of the CentOS project, which will become a test-bench.

About AlmaLinux

Launched with the code-name Project Lenix, AlmaLinux is an open-source, community-driven project that intends to fill the gap left by the demise of the CentOS stable release. AlmaLinux is a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL® 8 and it is built by the creators of the established CloudLinux OS. AlmaLinux is an enterprise-grade server OS, a stable Linux distribution with regular releases that come with long support windows. You can rely on AlmaLinux to run you and your clients’ critical workloads.


The list of all official mirrors can be found here:
Our mirror is located at:

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