Future-proof your website by using TLS 1.3


Today the Dutch NCSC released the new IT security guidelines for Transport Layer Security (TLS). The secure configuration of TLS is important to safeguard connectivity on the internet.

What is TLS?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is het most popular protocol to secure connections on the internet. The secure configuration of TLS is important to secure network connections. Well known examples include web traffic (https), e-mail traffic (IMAP and SMTP after STARTTLS) and certain types of virtual private networks (VPN).

So what happened?

NCSC-NL has decided to downgrade the security level of TLS 1.2 from Good to Sufficient. TLS 1.3, a considerable revision of TLS based on modern insights, remains Good. NCSC-NL thus considers TLS 1.2 to be a secure, but less future proof option than TLS 1.3. Configurations that met the guidelines from 2019 (v2.0) still meet the requirements in this update (v2.1).

What can we do?

Our team of engineers already set up dozens of websites and servers with TLS 1.3 support, here at Hybula we are already running TLS 1.3 since 2018!

More information?

You can read more about these guidelines on the official website of the NCSC here.


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