Our new open source Looking Glass project


Looking for a good looking looking glass? You see what we did there? In preparation of our new product Sector, we needed to offer our potential customers a looking glass. This is an easy to use network utility which runs in your browser. It offers basic network tools which usually work on your Linux machine like; ping, mtr, traceroute. Of course including their IPv6 equivalents. The goal of this project is to offer a very simple to install looking glass, while it looks modern and is easy to use.

Unfortunately most of the available looking glasses are either outdated, looking bad, or simple too advanced for our usage (with BGP functionality for example). This was the moment we decided to build our own, because that's the way we work!

Most of the looking glass projects are open source, so we are following this trend to do the same. Head over to our GitHub project page to read more about it. Rather want to see it in action? See our looking glass for our location Amsterdam here. Here is a screenshot:


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