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It has been a time since we last released any news on our blog, this was obviously not because we're shy. We have been very invested in improving and developing our products, like Capsule and even Sector. In this post, we are going to share some insights about the success of our cloud product.

Sector is our cloud server product, which we publicly launched in Q1 2022. We've already had a lot of experience with offering and managing cloud servers, mostly for larger businesses. In order to offer a more cost-effective solution, we divided Sector into two different line-ups; DSC = Dedicated Sector Cloud and PSC = Premium Sector Cloud. DSC is the product that we've been offering earlier, it's built upon our own hypervisor layer, with each plan powered by dedicated vCPUs (dedicated processor threats). PSC is the more affordable, unmanaged, yet powerful cloud product. It's powered by a super intuitive management panel, with a lot of assistive features in order to fully manage your VM.

Let's go technical first! The virtualization technology is powered by KVM, it provides kernel-level virtualization with dedicated resources and full isolation of the host node. The hardware of the Gen2 refresh is powered by HPE G10 machines, with 2nd generation AMD EPYC CPUs, 3200 MT/s DDR4 ECC, Marvell FastLinQ 25 GbE network controllers, and as the cherry on top; next-generation PCI-e 4.0 NVMe drives in redundant RAID.

Enough technicalities, let's proceed with more practical features. Did we already mention almost instant deployment of VMs? Spin up a server within seconds with one of our pre-created OS templates, we even have exotic OS templates like FreeBSD, Alpine Linux, and Oracle Linux. Recently we added AlmaLinux 9 and Rocky Linux 9. Not a Sysadmin, need a GUI, or just don't like *NIX? Go for a completely prepared Windows Server 2019 or 2022 instead.

Are you a manager? Great, we offer a bunch of insights and statistics of a server, from resource usage to networking, it's all there. Combined with the amazing looks of our management panel it allows easy management of your servers.

We're not done yet; value-added features like DDoS protection, strong European privacy, flexible payment methods including crypto for our crypto-entrepreneurs/millionaires, massive network uplinks, an amazing network blend of peers, and finally: a friendly, technical, and helpful team to kickstart your project. Now wrap up all that you've just read and offer it in a package for just €15/month. That's the reason for Sectors' success.

Did we catch your attention, or are you just bored with your current cloud provider? Slide in our DMs or submit a lovely old-school ticket to get in touch with our team.